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2D fighting from back in the day

Who here remembers a Jaleco 2D fighter for the Super NES called Tuff E Nuff? It was an attempt to create a unique spin on the successful Street Fighter II formula by creating an interesting (if entirely too linear) story that seemed to make a little more sense than a mere tournament. The player would chose from four characters (Syoh, Zazi, the super-sexy Kotono and a BIG wrestler dude whose name escapes me) who would first defeat the other three playable characters and then work his/her way up the deadly Tower, fighting tougher foes and gaining impressive strength (which in turn gave their special moves both extra power AND extra visual flair) until they faced a guy who could take M. Bison for a walk on a leash.

This game was HARD. I particularly hated Dolf, a Nazi-looking dude who was always stooped over (probably because, in addition to a Bowie knife, he carried a BAZOOKA during the fight); he had the cheapest throw in the game -- it was INSANE how a single use of him shoving his bazooka into your character's chest could bring so abrupt an end to the fight (it was almost as cheap as the instant kills found in the Guilty Gear games). Kicking Dolf's ass was always a GREAT feeling. Rotten bastard.

I actually owned a copy of this game. I loved the CATCHY music (ALL of the characters had cool stage music) and I almost exclusively played as Kotono. (She had this really awesome throw in which she would bring her foot up and hook her opponent's neck -- even the necks of the men who towered over her -- then she'd twist around and bring her opponent to the ground head first. I loved using the manual instant-replay feature to scrutinize this move. It really fascinated me.) She was cute and had a nice body. I actually got good enough at this game that I could make it through hard mode without using a continue. No small feat, believe me.

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Thing is, this game was not a success at all and wound up in the bargain bins very quickly, and in the "never heard of that game" bins even faster. Jaleco didn't exactly put their best efforts into it. It had some really good ideas though, and a world of untapped potential.

If the game were remade and given the Guilty Gear treatment, it'd probably be a big hit. Kotono especially would get a lot of attention, especially from Chun Li fans. ;) Of course, it would need what the original never got: the nearly-abandoned arcade release. So few new arcade games come out these days. I'm not saying a new Tuff E Nuff would be the next Pac-Man (or the next Street Fighter II, for that matter), but it WOULD be a great arcade fighter if done properly.

Okay I'm done.
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